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Carolyn F. Blakely Honors College

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Message from the Dean

The primary objective of the Honors College is to serve those academically prepared and talented students who are receptive to accepting the challenges of a program designed to elicit from them their highest levels of performance.

We embrace the philosophy that these students will excel, but that it is our responsibility to them to facilitate that process. Therefore, the mission of the Honors College is to prepare and provide to those students curricula and experiences that will challenge them intellectually and ultimately produce graduates who will be assets to their society.

We solicit your suggestions, your inquiries, and certainly your support.

Dr. Jewell Walker


Entering students must apply for formal admission into the Honors College. The Honors College requires an ACT of 21 or above, a GPA of 3.25 or above, ranking in the top 25% of the graduating class, and a firm commitment to the Honors College. Currently enrolled students (sophomores and juniors) who can demonstrate that they have made a commitment to the objectives of the college may also apply. Seniors are not admitted to the program.

· Honors Dorms
· Honors Study Lounge
· Honors Book Loan Program
· Smaller Classes
· Colloquia, Seminars and Forums
· Cultural Activities
· Assistance in Registration
· Attendance at Professional Meetings

Honor Student Association

Students participating in the Honors College are eligible for membership in the Honor Student Association (HSA). This organization is a voluntary association designed to provide honor students with academic, social and service activities that will enrich their undergraduate studies. The HSA will elect two students to serve as ex-officio members of the Honors Advisory Council during the academic year. Therefore, students will have representation on the board that establishes academic policies governing the Honors College.